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Chappaqua Guest House

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This guest house was designed to rest upon the foundation of an existing barn that had been partially torn down. Adjacent to the pool, the building serves many functions: pool house, entertaining space, guest quarters, secondary home office, and home gym. The foundation uses locally sourced stone, while the Shou-Sugi Ban siding and dark metal roof complete the durable gabled shell. 

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The structure nestles into the existing grade allowing for ample storage for pool furniture and equipment below the main floor level. The wood-burning exterior fireplace is designed to also store logs, while the interior fireplace is gas-fired for ease of use.

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In contrast to the exterior, the interior finishes remain bright and light. A large window frames the lush view at the west end of the building, while a series of skylights washes the back wall. A central core includes a guest bedroom, bathroom, and concealed kitchen, while stairs lead to a second-floor sleeping loft. 

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