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$6,750.00 USD

Cane is the first floor lamp in our expanding lighting collection. Building off the geometries of the Chord collection, the curved steel armature houses an LED light source that emits a warm hue. The rough limestone base acts as both a counterbalance physically as well as texturally. The resultant floor lamp is sculptural, functional and elegant. Made in the USA.


10-12 week lead time.



  • Stone:
  • Cordova Shell Limestone
  • LED Temperatures:
  • 2500K
  • 2800K
  • Metal Finishes:
  • Satin Nickel
  • Polished Nickel
  • Brushed Brass
  • Mottled Brass
  • Gunmetal Black
  • Bronze
  • Satin White
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Finishes and Specifications


Shell honed 200 0x0x752x751
Cordova Shell Limestone

Metal Finishes

Brushed steel 5 200 0x0x225x225
Satin Nickel
Polished nickel 200 91x0x523x522
Polished Nickel
Brushed brass 200 0x0x339x339
Brushed Brass
Mottled brass 200 0x0x900x900
Mottled Brass
Black 200 0x0x900x900
Gunmetal Black
Bronze 200 0x0x772x772
Matte white 200 0x0x1200x1200
Satin White


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